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Old Habits Die Hard

After a year of daily blogging, I consciously took this past week off to recuperate. It’s not easy coming up with ideas regularly on something to say or trying to capture a picture of the kids when they don’t want to. I thought it would be a relief to not worry about constraining myself to making a post, and it was. At the same time, after a year of habitual picture-taking and sitting down at my desk to conjure up some thoughts to share with all of you, I found it difficult to turn my brain off. Ideas for posts have been racing through my head an I’m sure more will come.

I think a few of you (mom) have been missing my daily postings. More stuff on the kids and my amateur parenting adventures is soon to come. Topics such as, “my son’s new-found penchant for lying directly to my face,” or, “the somewhat funny and also inappropriate things G has said recently,” and, “C’s delightfully entertaining head bobbing to music in the car (if I can ever capture her doing that again).”

In the meantime, I must search for my camera which has mysteriously disappeared along with the year 2012 and hold on to my sanity as I battle two toddlers learning to talk . . . and do all the other stuff toddlers are supposed to be learning.

Speaking of battling with toddlers, here’s my daily little tidbit from today: my kids don’t like it when my wife and I hug. They caught us hugging and immediately jumped in between us to break us up. Then G said to me, “no hugging Daddy.” The nerve of that kid.



One comment on “Old Habits Die Hard

  1. jburns2
    January 8, 2013

    And me too! I miss your daily blogs too!!! I LOVE them squishies… A LOT.

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