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Cooler Than Dad

It’s quite sobering to have family visit. It makes you realize as a parent that your kids like other people much more than you. At least, mine do. All I’ve heard lately is how Uncle Ezra is the best. And he is. He’s so awesome that he took some pictures for me to use on my blog when I couldn’t go out with them today.

Other Family 1

Other Family 2My wife’s sister and her family are my kids’ new favorite best friends; just as they were last year. Only this time, Uncle Ezra is here. He’s new, he’s fun, he’s a big kid himself, and as far as the kids are concerned, the coolest person around since Darth Vader.

Just look at their enthusiasm in the top picture. Big smiles and they’re being held back from running toward Uncle Ezra, who is taking the picture.

I wish there was some secret thing I could tap into and excite my children the way my wife’s family does, but the simple fact is that I’m just not as cool.


2 comments on “Cooler Than Dad

  1. brett stubbs
    December 27, 2012

    what day did you go to the burg? We were there on Saturday.

    • mrmomman
      December 28, 2012

      It was Thursday, but I didn’t get to go.

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