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The Bane Of Christmas

This was the first Christmas for our family where both of the kids were old enough to realize what’s going on. Let’s face it; Christmas with a one year old just isn’t that fun because they’re more interested in the trash than the gift. Unfortunately for me (and Grandpa), this means that gone are the days of simple presents like clothes and stuffed animals. Now, comes the building.

Take C’s kitchen for an example.

C's KitchenThat delightful little kitchen took about four or five hours to build between me and my father-in-law, and it’s technically not finished because I haven’t put up the curtains that go with it yet. The number of hours that goes into building all the toys for the kids is ridiculous.

If there was any fatherly duty that surprised me, it was this. Who knew I would spend the bulk of my future Christmas days building all the toys the kids get? Not me. And anyone else who knew didn’t share that information with me.

Now I have to come to terms with the fact that for the next several years I will be building stuff on Christmas.



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