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Christmas Eve Shenanigans

There's nothing particularly Christmasy about this photo except that it was taken today.

There’s nothing particularly Christmasy about this photo except that it was taken today.

I remember Christmas Eve as a time for mischief when I was a kid growing up. There was the time I burst into the room where my mom was wrapping presents despite being warned not to enter. Or most famously, when my sister and I woke up in the middle of the night and rang bells, shouting, “Ho, ho, ho,” pretending that we were Santa in an effort to make our parents believe he was real. They didn’t fall for it. I wasn’t a convincing enough Santa, and they yelled at us to shut up and go to sleep. Must have been the childish, “Ho, ho, ho’s” that did it.

And what would Christmas be without passing down traditions? My kids are a little young for true Christmas Eve shenanigans, but I think they’ve gotten into enough trouble this year to make up for it. They’re more adept at verbal shenanigans at this point. Here’s an example:

Me:  “G, did you get mommy a present for Christmas?”

G:  “No.”

Me:  “Why not?”

G:  “Because mommy was naughty and so she doesn’t get a present because she was very naughty.”

Me:  “What naughty things did mommy do?”

G:  “She didn’t listen to me and she’s gonna get coal in her stocking.”

Me:  “Oh, really?”

G:  “Yeah, hey did you know coal is like a rock? So mommy’s gonna get coal and rocks for Christmas because she was naughty.”

When I asked if C or I were getting Christmas presents from him, he assured me we were good enough this past year. Hope I make the “Nice” list next year too!



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  1. n.navas
    December 26, 2012


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