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I Got This Thing Here

I love that my kids bring stuff up to me for inspection. I could just sit in a room, and one of them walks up with a toy or book or anything, really, and they present it to me. Not an offering. Not a request to play with them. They just show it and when they decide I’ve had a long enough look at it, they go about their business.

Here's This ToyI don’t really know what to say when one of the kids presents me with something. I’m like, “Um, ok. Thanks for showing me.” Should I be impressed? Excited? I don’t know.

I think I tried to pat G on the back once for showing me a toy and he just walked away from me. I felt like a fool. The kids seem kind of indifferent about the whole thing.

Whatever their attitude, I love that they do it, even if I don’t know how to react.



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