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On The Phone

I like listening to conversations the kids have on the phone. It’s entertaining. At some point it just becomes two people talking at the same time about different things and yet somehow it still feels like a conversation. Here’s an example:

Grandparent:  “What did you do today?”

Kid:  “I’m playing with my garbage truck.”

Grandparent:  “Did you go to school?”

Kid:  “I came home from school with mommy.”

Grandparent:  “Are you learning about colors and numbers?”

Kid:  “I’m just playing with my truck. It’s super cool.”

Grandparent:  “And are you learning your letters?”

Kid:  “I was good today.”

Grandparent:  “What did you have for dinner?”

Kid:  “Umm . . . I don’t know. I had something.”

Grandparent:  “Oh.”

Kid:  “Ok, goodbye.”

Maybe that example is slightly exaggerated. The two conversations converge a lot more often, but without fail, they usually diverge again. That’s what’s so great about talking to kids who are still learning conversation. They just talk about whatever they want. It’s awesome! I suppose at some point they learn to stop and listen to what the other person is asking or saying to them.

I think it’s good practice at conversational skills. How often do we actually listen to the other person we’re speaking to, instead of just waiting to throw our own two cents into the mix? Food for thought.





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