I haven't figured this out yet . . .

Pillow Attack

The kids have taken to attacking me with pillows. Some would call that a pillow fight, but that would imply that I get a pillow to fight back. What happens is closer to a pillow beating. I lie down on the floor for a rest, kids grab pillows and go to work.

And so what? Getting hit with pillows by a couple of toddlers is no big deal, right? It certainly couldn’t hurt. Wrong. G is strong and after a few minutes of constant pillow whacking, it starts to hurt a little. Don’t believe me? Find a kid. Any kid will do, they’re all willing to hit an adult with a pillow. If your skin doesn’t start to sting a little after a few minutes of constant bombardment, it just means the kid you found isn’t trying hard enough.

Oh sure, look all innocent peeking over that pillow to see if I’m still conscious (he whacked me promptly after seeing I was).



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