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Opposite Reactions

It’s crazy sometimes to see the different reactions kids have to the same things. In this case, fire trucks. On the one hand, there’s G, who like virtually every little boy in the world, thinks fire trucks are cool.

He saw this fire truck on his way to the mall a few days ago and just had to pose in front of it. There he is, proud to be in a picture with one and just delighted, in general.

On the other hand, there’s C, whose attitude towards fire trucks might best be described as indifferent. Though, she often shares G’s excitement at the things he likes.

Now, after dropping G off at school, C and I went home and played in the garage for a little bit. It just so happened that an emergency of some sort arose in our neighborhood and two fire trucks came blaring by our house.

If G had been with us, he would have gladly run into the street to watch the trucks go by and perhaps C would have followed because she trails her brother like a shadow most of the time. But without big brother, C cowered and cried in the garage at the sight of them.

I would have blamed the negative reaction on the loud noise, but she watches the garbage truck and noisy construction vehicles with G all the time. Nor does she seem phased in the least bit when a police car goes blaring by. Go figure.


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  1. n.navas
    November 8, 2012


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