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On The Farm

The kids went to a farm today. I never went to a farm when I was a kid, but from people I’ve met who grew up on farms or spent a lot of time on them when they were kids, I’ve heard nothing but good things. I suppose if you visit a farm for the first time as an adult, as I did, it’s not as magical.

I guess farms appeal more to children than adults because it has a lot of open space, which children love, animals and big machinery. I’ve not met a kid yet who hated even one of those three things. Not to say I’m against open space, animals or big machinery; though, I must admit I’m not that fond of animals (gasp . . . the horror).

Whatever the reasons, my children love farm stuff and there’s no real reason to delve into the possibilities for it. But here are some pictures.

My boy’s greatest dream . . . he wishes.

Eyeing this year’s Thanksgiving dinner, I see.



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This entry was posted on October 20, 2012 by in Family, Photography.
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