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The Best Compliment I’ve Ever Received

My son gave me the best compliment ever. Are you ready for it? I’ll give you a hint, it has to do with my beard (and if you’ve read this, you’ll know how important my beard is).

Ok, here it is: one day, he says to me, “Daddy, your beard looks like it’s made of fire. Is it made of fire?”

I can’t say I’ve received a better compliment. A beard made of fire! How does that not sound awesome? Well, if it meant my face was on fire, then yes, it wouldn’t be awesome. But I’m going to assume that he meant my beard was so rad, it looked like fire to him. And fire is pretty awe inspiring to a three-year old.

It’s not just the words, though, it’s how he delivered them. He sounded as if he was in awe of my beard when he asked it. Like he really believes it could be made of fire.

I mean, if you came across someone with a flaming beard, and they weren’t screaming wildly, with their face melting away, wouldn’t you think that was the toughest, scariest, most awesome and impressive man you ever met? Every father wants to be the toughest and most impressive man their kid knows, and that’s what that compliment made me feel like, even if it’s not what he meant. I’ll take it anyway.

It almost makes me wish I did have an awesome flaming beard. And it kind of makes up for him calling me old the other day.

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