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Meet Barney. No, not the purple dinosaur who sings the annoying songs. Barney is a giant stuffed bear and beloved family member who’s been my wife’s companion all her life. He’s traveled the globe more than I have, and endured much in his stuffed bear life.

I think I once said something derisive towards the bear in front of my wife and her family, and they all scowled, shooting some derisive comments back my way. I share that to illustrate just how beloved this stuffed bear is. You don’t get that defensive about a stuffed animal without there being a high level of attachment to it, sorry, him.

Having said that, if you think Barney’s going quietly to my children, think again. Children, especially toddlers, get really possessive of anything within their sight. So when C starts hugging Barney and saying, “mine,” some people get a little defensive.

I’ve been told that Barney has been promised to C, but that doesn’t mean he’s completely hers yet. That bear’s only known C for a short time so there’s going to be a withdrawal period before he willingly transfers owners, and even then, he may never fully belong to C.

I have to admit, he’s a cuddly bear. I’ve found myself hugging him a few times (in secret), and he’s a great comfort. If I’d had him all my life, I might be reluctant to give him up too.



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  1. n. navas
    October 18, 2012


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