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People Watching

I would think the most exciting thing about being a zoo animal would be getting to watch people every day. I sometimes wonder if the animals look at us and think to themselves, “What an interesting looking human.” Perhaps they sit back there, behind their fences and glass windows commenting to each other on which humans they think are scary, or cute, or ugly, and whether or not they’d like to take one of us home with them.

Yeah, we must look pretty funny to zoo animals sometimes.

Watching us has to be the highlight of their days. Zoo animals don’t do much because there isn’t much for them to do. They stand, maybe walk around a little, lie down, eat, relieve themselves, and all in a confined space. Sure, there are a few animals like monkeys who get a cool little playground to mess around on, but most zoo animals just pace back and forth or stay in one spot.

In fact, the next time you visit a zoo, see which you find more interesting to look at, the animals or the people gawking at them. Chances are the people will be more interesting. At least, I can only assume they are since C spent more time today watching people than animals.

“These giraffes are boring. I’m gonna look at this woman and her son who just parked themselves next to me instead.”



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