I haven't figured this out yet . . .


When the colored blocks come out, it’s a free-for-all on who gets what colors.

I hate trying to settle ridiculous feuds. Like when my kids fight over which color blocks they want. Here’s how this feud usually goes down:

G: “I want the red blocks.”

Daddy: “Ok.”

At some point, C grabs a red block.

G: “Hey, C grabbed my red block, I’m playing with the red blocks!”

Daddy: “C, give G the red block, he was playing with it first.”

C: “No!”

G: “C, that’s my red block!”

At some point, C gives up the red block, maybe throws a fit, then finds another color to play with. Let’s say she picks a green block.

G: “Hey, I want that green block.”

C: “No! Mine.”

G: “No, I want it!”

Daddy: “G, you picked red blocks and your sister chose a green one. You weren’t playing with the green one.”

G: “But I want it.”

And so on and so forth until either one of them gives up playing with the blocks or someone misbehaves enough for the blocks to go away entirely. You get the idea.

The point is, it’s very difficult to insert reasoning and logic into a situation where none is being exercised. And why should I expect reason and logic to factor into an argument between two toddlers? I don’t even understand the intense, territorial defense that’s associated with specific colors. It’s as if they associate certain colors with being the higher quality blocks, and therefore more precious.

I don’t remember having strong color association with toys when I was a kid, but I undoubtedly did. It’s not like my kids are the first to experience color attachment. It must be one of those many “kid things” we lose when we become adults.


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