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The Appeal Of Kitchens

What’s the deal with kitchens? Ok, that might sound like the beginning of a Seinfeld joke, but I’m being serious. They carry an enormous appeal to all ages. I get that no one wants an ugly kitchen, but can someone explain the appeal of kitchens when it comes to toddlers? My kids love coming into the kitchen, and it’s not necessarily for the food.

There’s a picture, a few pictures actually, that my mother has of me playing in the kitchen. I used to like to open kitchen drawers, pull everything out and sit in them. I also enjoyed banging on pots and pans, exploring the cupboards I’d seen a thousand times, and doing this:

Hiding/playing under the kitchen table. We had more of a nook than an actual table in our kitchen. I mean, we had a table, it was just built into this curved bench that ran along the one corner of the kitchen.

My theory is that kitchens are fun because they’re a gathering place. Kids are very social and I know when I was a kid, I would often sit in there while my mom cooked dinner, or made dessert, occasionally helping her, and we would talk. And it wasn’t just me, several people would just stand around in the kitchen, talking. I did my homework in the kitchen, I played in the kitchen, and unsurprisingly, my kids want to do the same.

I know we’re always shooing our kids out of the kitchen because there are always hot pans they can (and would) pull down on themselves, raw ingredients, knives and every other kitchen hazard imaginable. I’ve realized I’m fighting against nature by doing that.

My kids just want to be in the kitchen. A big kitchen just makes sense to me on the basis of having more walking space so as to avoid tripping over curious children. Of course, I still have to protect them from their curious hands grabbing scalding hot pans off the stove.



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