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Two Is Better Than Three


It’s true what they say; two is a better age than three. Terrible Twos have nothing on Impossible Threes. I miss the Terrible Twos, how crazy is that? At least at that age, most days G was good. I thought the occasional tantrum, the whining and sporadic hitting was bad. The Impossible Threes have proved to be an every day occurrence of the previous afflictions . . . times ten.

“I’m gonna pull out my own teeth!”

I wish I could go back in time for just a day to remind myself that it wasn’t as bad. A time when I had to worry more about him hurting himself than his sister or his classmates. When he kind of listened instead of hardly listening.

If your child is putting you through the Terrible Twos right now and you’re looking forward to when they turn three, hoping they’ll get better, don’t. It gets worse. But I guess it has to get worse before it gets better.

Someone please tell me it gets better at age four.



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