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I was at the park this morning with C, a place she loves to go, and she didn’t play very much. When the world is relatively new to you, I guess it’s easy to take notice of the mundane. I kid you not, she spent twenty minutes watching the landscapers weed whack the grass growing past the edges of the concrete.

At first, I sort of appreciated it for what it was. How often do you take the time out to watch something so common and yet so important? There was something kind of peaceful about it. Then I got bored.

Occasionally, children stop to look at something that’s actually interesting. On our way back to the car, we encountered a mini army of moms with their running strollers having a very intense workout. They did wind sprints up this hill we were descending, then they were running in place, and pulling out stretchy bands to work their torsos and arms and whatever else stretchy bands work out. As they finished up, their Drill Sargent led them as they jogged single file with their strollers down the path to another part of the park where, as C and I were driving out of the parking lot, saw them doing lunges and squats.

I haven’t worked out that hard since high school, and it was an impressive sight. The most memorable scene of this spectacle however, was the look on the kids’ faces as their mothers sprinted down the path with them in their strollers. They looked dazed, almost hypnotized; similar to the look C had on her face as we watched them. She almost tripped down the stairs a few times because she was so mesmerized.


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