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I am the youngest child in my family and so I have no idea what it’s like to be an older sibling. I sometimes feel at a parenting disadvantage because older children get a lot of responsibility put on them to care for their younger siblings and the babies of the family don’t get that opportunity. I wonder if or how I would be different as a parent if I had been an older sibling.

I’m thinking about this because it’s my older brother’s birthday today and we’re quite different people, largely I think, due to the sizable gap in our ages.

I don’t remember fighting with my brother at all when I was a kid (I say that because I would hardly say we were both children at the same time) and while I always saw him as a brother, he was also an authority figure in my life. Someone to look up to and to go to for wisdom. G’s too close in age to his sister for that sort of relationship to exist between the two of them, but that’s not to say he doesn’t try to exert a certain authority over her.

In fact, despite their closeness in age and all the time they spend together, G & C don’t really play together all that often. Each one is usually doing their own thing. I sometimes think G craves a brother because he gets along well and plays with his male classmates and even with other boys when he goes to the park. Despite all of C’s efforts to play with and be near her brother, G enjoys being a boy with other boys.

But since G has no brother to play with, he increasingly keeps to himself, playing quietly with his cars.


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