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A Screwdriver For A Shovel

If you’ve seen The Little Mermaid, you’ll likely remember the scene where Ariel combs her hair with a fork. And like Ariel, children often find uses for household items that aren’t really what they should be used for.

For instance, using a screwdriver as a gardening tool. Be it a hoe or a shovel, G finds a way to use a screwdriver that I don’t find very logical. But, far be it from me to object to the boy’s creativity.

C and I watched, astounded at G’s dexterity with a screwdriver. I think he fancies himself some kind of archaeologist. Here’s the ironic thing about this; he has gardening tools, real ones. He has a hoe and a hand shovel. A screwdriver’s just a more finely tuned instrument I suppose.

At one point, this little digging expedition of his got weird and it was like he was trying to murder the dirt by stabbing it repeatedly.

A little disconcerting, but there are certainly more potent ways to try and kill mother earth.




2 comments on “A Screwdriver For A Shovel

  1. n. navas
    September 21, 2012

    good use of imagination!

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