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A New Parenting Milestone!

It’s a happy and a sad thing to watch your children grow up. On the one hand, it’s delightful to watch these human beings that you made grow and learn new things and become their own selves. On the other hand, it’s sad because it makes you really aware of how old you’re getting/have gotten.

On the happy side of it, I recently discovered the joy of letting my kids do their own thing. They’re both finally at an age where they can play together independently with little supervision from me. And it’s awesome!

See, when G was born, I had to constantly watch him and make sure he didn’t do anything to seriously injure or kill himself. By the time he got to be an age where he could do stuff by himself, C was born and the cycle started all over. Add to that the constant defense against G’s murderous actions towards his sister and there was little room to be lax about my vigilance.

Fast forward to the present where they both get along amicably enough not to hurt one another and do enough by themselves to play on a playground without me hovering over them, for example. It’s nice just to sit back and watch G bark orders at C to defend themselves from the monsters attacking their spaceship.

I know they’re partially hidden and small to see, but that’s because I was sitting a distance away on a bench and enjoying the sunshine!

This is certainly a parenting milestone in my opinion and a moment in time I hope never to forget.


3 comments on “A New Parenting Milestone!

  1. cartpsych
    September 20, 2012

    Great post. Thanks.

  2. n. navas
    September 20, 2012

    laughed out loud!

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