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Out Of The Blue

Children’s bodies can be deceptive. They can surprise you by doing things you wouldn’t think possible, like bending the wrong way without injury, holding on to something with a kung-fu grip, etc. The scariest surprise, is a child’s ability to seem fine when they’re not.

One minute, they’re playing on a playground, running, jumping, laughing, and the next minute they’re not eating and pop up with a temperature of 102.1. It’s a dangerous and frightening thing to have your child’s body surprise you like that. Though, I suppose fever and illness strike most people quickly and while they’re unaware so perhaps it’s not just the little ones.

You wouldn’t think that a child would run around and behave in their normal manner with such a high fever, but sometimes that’s how it goes. The closest thing I can liken it to is when some people get older and their bodies become less capable of doing things but they still want to do what they’ve always done. They continue to do it; things like climbing ladders or driving. Then they get hurt. The main difference is that older people should know better.

Anyway, it’s not fun to be the person witnessing a loved one (young or old) get hit with an ailment or injury out of the blue.


One comment on “Out Of The Blue

  1. Irene Stetson
    September 18, 2012

    Dad, when he was little, would be playing fine. Suddenly he would vomit & have a temperature of 104 or 105 degrees. The doctors could never find out what was happening. (See if he remembers how many times this happened & how it finally stopped.)

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