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A Boy And His Machine

Some men (and women) would say that their bond with their vehicle is a special one. A close knit relationship between man and machine. And like any relationship, if you take care of your vehicle, she’ll take care of you.

Part of that care is to pretty up your car, or in this instance, truck, with a wash. Make it shiny, as G would say. Why? Well, I guess cars and trucks want to feel pretty too.

G’s behavior recently has prohibited him from riding around on his favorite toy, but I let him drive it out of the garage so he could wash it. I’ll be darned if I keep a boy from taking care of his truck.

I suppose he just wanted some bonding time with his baby. I just like that he feels responsible for his toy and wants to take care of it.



One comment on “A Boy And His Machine

  1. jburns2
    September 16, 2012

    Omg, LOVE!

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