I haven't figured this out yet . . .

Let’s Go To The Mall

For weeks, G has been asking to go to this mall he went to with mommy one day when I was at work. I wondered what he could possibly be so interested in doing at the mall. He’s not a teenage girl and he’s not teenage boy interested in a teenage girl, so I was baffled. And when I took him today, I found out why he wanted to go so badly.


I sometimes wish I was a kid now instead of twenty years ago. The malls I grew up around certainly didn’t have cool play areas for me to run around in. So jealous.

Luckily, I’m a parent now, so I have an excuse to run around in a mall play area sporting Looney Tunes characters who my kids don’t even know.I take that back. Somehow G knows who Porky Pig is.



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This entry was posted on September 8, 2012 by in Family.
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