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Play With Your Food

Kids play with their food. That’s not an opinion, it’s a fact. We all did it. And if we weren’t allowed to, we all wanted to do it. Be it making a smiley face out of vegetables, or blowing bubbles in a milkshake, playing with food can be fun.

I’m not one for encouraging my kids to play with their food. In fact, I scold them all the time for it. But there are certain snacks that are tailor made for playing with.

One of the kids’ new favorite dessert options is to eat a package of gummy snacks with a Cars theme. How anyone could expect a boy in love with anything that has wheels to not play with a car shaped gummy snack is beyond me, so when it comes to dessert, play time is on.

Racing them is always a good option, but so is demolition derby. You can crash the gelatinous snack multiple times and they still maintain their car-like appearance.


And when the crashing is done, we eat them. Yum!


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