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Parental Chores

Bath time is a chore for any parent. At least, I think so. But my favorite part of bath time is the end, when I wrap the kids in their towels and they shuffle their way into their bedroom like penguins. It reminds me of the scene in E.T. when it’s Halloween and E.T. dresses up like a ghost, waddling his way around with the loose sheet dangling over his body. I just think that’s cute.

They’re so proud when they’re first able to walk from the bathroom to the bedroom.

I try to savor little moments like these because they don’t last forever. They grow up so fast and these insignificant little daily chores become less impressive with each passing year. But think about it, though. It’s a big deal. You spend the first year to two years bathing them, wrapping them up and carrying them to where their pajamas await. Then, all of a sudden, they can do most of it on their own. Eventually they’ll do all of it on their own.

G’s already become a little jaded about his post bath towel walk.

It ain’t no thing.

One day I won’t be so involved in my kids’ lives. I won’t have to feed them, bathe them, dress them, protect them, play with them, drive them, or do a whole lot else with them. If I do my job right, they’ll become perfectly self sufficient people and they won’t NEED me anymore. At least not for the things they need now. All these little “chores” that I complain about having to do will become fond memories and the closest I’ll come to reliving those moments is reading about them here.


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