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Daddy Daughter Shopping

The title of this post suggests something more fun than what actually happened today. The shopping was just a quick trip to pick up a few groceries, but C has recently taken to walking around rather than stay in the cart.

And what kid would want to stay in the cart when they’re perfectly capable of walking around and exploring? I remember going grocery shopping with my mom and walking around so I could get a closer look at everything was my favorite thing about those trips. That and when my mother said yes to the snacks I chose.

It’s good for kids to get a chance to explore, but they must be kept on a short leash. I used to work in retail and believe me, letting your kid do whatever they please is NOT COOL. Destroying or removing merchandise, knocking down displays, and opening food containers you have no intention of purchasing are disgraceful actions and parents who let their kids treat stores as their own personal pantry need to be flogged. If your kid is crazy and uncontrollable, avoid shopping trips with them.

I’m fortunate enough that C is tame and doesn’t try to tear anything up. She’s just curious. G’s always been a bit more difficult in shopping situations, although he’s improved recently. I feel bad for parents with the crazy kids because that must make shopping a very stressful chore. Especially when a tantrum/meltdown occurs.

I’ve found the best way to avoid store meltdowns is to keep your child involved. My kids are calm and attentive if I ask them to help me grab stuff off shelves or find a specific item.

If all else fails, just leave. Unless your kitchen is bare and you have no other options, take a screaming child out of a store. They’ll likely be more upset about leaving than you and will learn that they have to behave in public.

I, personally have to concern myself with the fact that C likes to browse the beauty supplies and jewelry cases. Seriously? She’s not even two. Is the female attraction to such items innate?


One comment on “Daddy Daughter Shopping

  1. n. navas
    August 16, 2012

    she’s a girly girl!

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