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Super Kids

If children had super powers, it would be the ability to heal super fast. Actually they kind of do have that power. Parents are so concerned with pumping their kids full of nutrients and their bodies haven’t had years of exposure to things that poison them, so their bodies heal incredibly fast.

A couple of years ago around Halloween, I was distraught when I came home one day and found G with a massive cut right on the tip of his nose. It wasn’t even a cut, a chunk of his nose had been shaved off by some pavement. He’d been running too fast on a sidewalk and I guess the sidewalk didn’t like it.

I was convinced he’d be scarred for life. That other kids would tease him because his nose would look funny and all the emotional trauma that would induce. Despite tending to the gash religiously with Neosporin, I wasn’t sure his nose would ever look right again and that I would one day need to pay for a nose job to restore his self-confidence.

For a moment I thought a scar might make him look tough, rugged and intimidating. But there’s nothing tough about a nose scar. Cheek, maybe, but not smack dab in the center of one’s face.

Miraculously, either by the incredible healing powers of children or the regimen of ointments, or maybe both, G’ nose healed perfectly. There isn’t a trace of a scar on his face today.

Despite my experience in dealing with face wounds, I still freaked out a little bit when I grabbed C out of her crib and saw a deep red scratch down her cheek.

Literally a scratch, especially compared to G’s nose. Ironically C’s about the same age as when G suffered his injury. I’m sure C’s face will be back to normal soon. After all, she did survive a nasty case of Hand Foot and Mouth Disease that was most unattractive while she displayed the symptoms.




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