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Desperately Wants To Drive

Anyone who’s close to any of their older siblings will understand this: we want to be like our older brother/sister. I don’t know why. My brother’s almost thirteen years older than me and I remember when he was in high school he did a lot of sports, so I wanted to be an athlete just like him. The desire to emulate those we look up to is undeniable.

Those of you who’ve been reading this blog for a while know that my son loves cars/trucks/monster trucks/basically anything with wheels. As a result of this motor obsession, his little sister of course shares the same interest to the point where she now wants to drive anything with wheels.

Though, too small to drive, C never fails to climb into the driver’s seat of G’s truck. She’s recently taken to having me push her around in her tricycle even though she can’t reach the pedals. And on a trip to Chuck-E-Cheese today, she hoped to drive one of G’s favorite racing games. She’s always riding shotgun with big brother and now she wants a turn.

She’s a tiny little thing and her size precludes her ability to partake in her desires. She went through the same thing about a year ago when she wanted to eat more and more solid foods but lacked the teeth to chew them. One day my dear. One day.


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