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Let Them Run

Do you remember being a child? Not your childhood, but what it physically felt like to be a child?

Ah, to be a child, running around with enough energy and endurance to rival a racehorse. With the intolerable heat that’s been plaguing us this past summer, the kids haven’t gotten out as much as kids should and I sometimes forget how much good it does them to just run outside. Fresh air, the wind in their face, the joy of movement that few adults experience. Anything else must feel like a prison.

Forget t.v., playgrounds, sandboxes, and fancy toys that are supposed to help make your kid smarter. I’m convinced that a child just needs to go outside and run around for a little bit. They’re happy, it’s good for them, it tires them out (which is good for you). There’s no downside.


One comment on “Let Them Run

  1. averagechildhood
    August 10, 2012

    Love this! Sometimes I think I go through the grind of daily running just because it allows me to sometimes recapture that joy!

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