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Just The Two Of Us

I’m grateful for the one on one time I have with my kids, largely due to the fact that they’re much nicer in those situations. Take C, for example. All I hear out of her mouth lately are the words, “mommy,” and, “no, mommy,” as in, she only wants mommy.

But when it’s just me and her, I become her favorite person in the world. She gets upset if I leave the room, she asks for me by name, and she listens to virtually everything I tell her. Best of all, she’s really affectionate.

I’m an affectionate person, but even the least affectionate person would love affection from their own child. Which is why I think hugs, kisses and cuddles are the best, especially when I’m not expecting it. For instance, when I’m face down on the ground, playing with C and she decides to just stop and walk around me, crawl on my back and settle there for a while.


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This entry was posted on August 8, 2012 by in Family.
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