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Big Brother’s Big Shirt

G has continued the long tradition of a big brother handing down his old shirts to his little sister for her to wear as pajamas. Actually, I have no idea if that’s a long tradition, or even a tradition at all, but it certainly is economical for us parents. No need to buy extra pajamas for the C when there are plenty of clothes big brother doesn’t fit anymore.

We got the above shirt at Old Navy a while back and it may be the longest living shirt in the kids’ collection, especially thanks to my brother who sent a second one in a larger size.

It’s also my favorite. Can you guess why?┬áSeriously, Star Wars is adorable for either gender and acceptable for any age.

There’s also the added benefit of comfort. I don’t wear large shirts to sleep that have been handed down to me because I’m a grown man. But, I have it on good authority that big old hand-me-down shirts are tremendously comfortable and thus beloved by those who wear them.

I find it interesting that people get so attached to clothing, shirts in particular. Like it becomes a faithful companion that people trust to rest on their skin. I guess that makes sense because clothes are very intimate, but I’ve never had such a strong attachment to an article of clothing. Sometimes I feel kind of left out.

My wife has a giant sleep shirt that she’s had since before I’ve known her. My brother had an exercise shirt that was a tattered rag before he got rid of it against his will. I kid you not, my father has a shirt that is older than I am.

If you don’t believe me on the attachment to shirts issue, just check out this clip from an episode of Seinfeld. You can’t argue with Seinfeld, that show knew it all.

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2 comments on “Big Brother’s Big Shirt

  1. n.navas
    August 3, 2012


  2. Candice
    August 5, 2012

    oh I love that grey shirt it’s so comfy even now that it has some holes in it.

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