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How It Used To Be

I got to spend the afternoon with C for the first time since I started working again, and just like old times, she slept through most of the afternoon.

I bring this up because before, when she woke up, it used to be one of my favorite times of day. Why? Because when I opened her door and her eyes fell on me, they would light up and she would take an enthusiastic jump towards the edge of her crib with her arms stretched up at me.

Once in my arms, I can only describe it as the most wonderful embrace a father could ask for. It’s the kind of hug you get from someone you haven’t seen in a really long time and who really missed your company while you were away. And then she would ask me to feed her.

If you didn’t notice, I just described all that in the past tense because that’s what she USED to do. Now she shies away from me and asks for family members who aren’t there to pick her up. Family members like mommy. Or her uncle. Or even her brother who’s physically incapable of removing her from her crib (not to say that G wouldn’t try).

So today I was met with, “no, mommy,” and a not-so-subtle retreat into her crib when I offered to pick her up.

I’m not complaining. Favoring one parent over another is a part of life and a phase that I have to deal with. I just like to remember how it used to be.


One comment on “How It Used To Be

  1. Vanessa Chapman
    August 2, 2012

    Awww, I feel for you! One of my favourite memories from when my son was little, was when he had just learned to walk. His Dad used to stay home while I went to work, and when I would get home from work, he would try and run to me, but he would fall over flat on his face three or four times on the way, and each time just bounce right back up and keep running with a big grin on his face and arms outstretched. Now I’m lucky if I get a cursory glance from him when I get home. Sigh.

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