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Go Sleep In Your Own Bed


For all those parents who never go a night with your little one attempting to sneak into your bed at some point, you suck! G does it all the time, and while I may possibly sleep heavier than any other human being alive, my body recognizes when my little one sneaks in to cuddle up next to mommy. My body knows because a three-year old takes up room in the bed and that must affect the deepness of my sleep because I don’t feel as well rested the following mornings.

So what do you do when you’ve spent your child’s entire life trying to get them to sleep in their own bed? Everyone has their own advice: put them back in their bed, give them a clock so they know not to get out of their bed before a certain time, be consistent, blah, blah, blah. Poppycock. It is possible for none of the, “get them to sleep in their own bed,” advice to work. Even if it does come from an expert. My solution (and I probably will never get a chance to try this) is for parents to find somewhere else to sleep. If we’re not there in our bed, maybe G will take a hint and stay in his own.

The problem, at least our problem, is a bonding thing. When mommy and C left town a couple of months ago and it was just me and G, he didn’t try to sneak into my bed once. When mommy’s home, he does it all the time. So how do you try to weaken a bond to the point where a child no longer wants to cuddle up next to their mom in the middle of the night? Is that even a good idea, weakening a mother/child bond? Only if you want a decent night’s sleep.

There are only so many times mommy can get up out of bed to remove a child from ours in the middle of the night. It’s exhausting. And I’m worthless once I’ve fallen asleep. I guess we’ll just have to wait for the day when it magically happens. When he decides to do it on his own. It has to happen eventually. I mean, even if he’s not ready, once he gets to be a certain size there just won’t be enough physical room. My bed’s not made for three.


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