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Opposite Parent Syndrome

I’ve been a fortunate dad. I’ve spent a great deal more time with my kids than most dads get to and I feel pretty close to them as a result of that. Conversely, I think all the time I spent with my kids made them a little sick of me. I figured that when I got a job and spent less time with them, they’d be more open to showering me with love when I came home like they’ve always done to mommy. Not so.

If there ever was a dad (or mom) out there who’s experienced opposite parent syndrome, I’m right there with them. Opposite parent syndrome is when you’re the less liked parent and your kids run from you like the plague. To illustrate a little better, here are some examples of things my children say or do to me as the less liked parent:

Most adverse reactions to daddy are accompanied by a face that looks something like this.

– “No, I want mommy! I want mommy!”

– “I want mommy to do it!”

– “No, I don’t like you!”

– “No, I don’t want you!”

– “Aaaaggghhhhh!”

– “Don’t touch me!”

I’ve also been slapped, punched, had arms flailed in my direction, experienced a deafening amount of screams in my ear when I try to pick my kids up, and had several scowls or dirty looks shot in my direction. These apply to any action I do; be it a smile, asking how their day went, attempting to give a hug or simply trying to perform daily parenting tasks to help my wife out.

I’ll kick you in the face if you come anywhere near me dad!

Until recently, G’s been the only one to behave this way toward me, but since C is closing in on her terrible two’s, I’m now officially the less desirable parental choice.

Everyone tells me it’s just a phase, but it’s a phase that began at birth and has slowly escalated to the toddler years. When will it end?! I’m anticipating another three to four years of this.

If you’re a parent suffering from opposite parent syndrome like me, I feel your pain and good luck.


2 comments on “Opposite Parent Syndrome

  1. There have been many times my daughter has done the things listed above and it used to really upset me, and it still does sometimes, but I came to realize that she just wants what she wants when she wants it for reasons that are known only to her. Sometimes she screams when I take her from my husband and now I realize that it is not that she doesn’t want me, it is just that she doesn’t want to leave him. Maybe she’s scared he’s leaving. Maybe she is just having fun with him… who knows. But I am fairly certain it is not personal (so I tell myself). As for the “I don’t like you”, she doesn’t have the language ability for that yet, but I am sure I will hit a downword spiral when she does. All I can say is try not to take it personally… really, it’s not you, it’s them.

    • mrmomman
      July 25, 2012

      Yes, I think my kids definitely feel that way a lot of the time. It still sucks.

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