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Imagination Exercise

My wife is the master of spicing up the day. Our kids like her more and it’s because she’s constantly trying to come up with little things to spice up the day and break out from the usual, even if just a little. The kids always have fun with whatever project or adventure she comes up with and it avoids the temptation to sit the kids in front of the t.v. so as to quell their daily toddler rebellions.

I find this skill to be increasingly important for me personally. My wife and I were just discussing how expensive entertainment is going to be as the kids get older, especially in our increasingly tech heavy culture. Ten years from now, we’ll probably see kids at amusement parks playing on iPads or whatever new gadget that we haven’t fully conceived of yet because the amusement at amusement parks won’t be enough for them. So sad.

I dread the day I see my kids preoccupied with a gadget and it half makes me want to move out into the wilderness and start homeschooling so I can avoid it all together. For now, I’ll enjoy the fact my kids can enjoy old school fun like some boxes put together to resemble a submarine, or a spaceship, or whatever they want it to be. As long as they get to exercise their imagination.


2 comments on “Imagination Exercise

  1. n.navas
    July 11, 2012

    every time we moved, we played in the large boxes – more fun than anything else!

  2. dawnqvanderson7
    October 19, 2012

    Reblogged this on Dawn Anderson Journal.

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