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Day At The Beach

Today was the first day this year that the four of us made it out to the beach. It was a lot of fun, and the highlight of our day was when G and I capsized in a kayak that a fellow beachgoer loaned us. I couldn’t decide which beach pic I liked best, so I’m doing a poll again to see what you all think.

Swimming with his dump truck. You really have to love a truck to go swimming with it.

The biggest problem with funny face is getting her to close her mouth while she’s in the water.

C had the most fun riding the body board.

I learned today just how out of shape I am when I felt like collapsing after running up and down the beach a few times, dragging G on his body board.

Future Powderpuff player?

Instead of building sand castles, G and I made sand cars and decided to create a work of art. I call it, “Traffic at the Beach.”


2 comments on “Day At The Beach

  1. brett stubbs
    July 21, 2012

    chicks beach?

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