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Tag, You’re It!

The kids and I have gotten into playing tag recently. I like it because it gives us all a healthy dose of exercise and the kids like it because they’re kids. I also like C’s cute little run.

We have three designated bases and we try to catch each other before the other reaches a base. I usually win. The rare exception is when I’m trying to avoid running over C and I can’t catch G in time, or when I’m taking pictures like the one below. Both of them got to the base just before I snapped this shot.

The fun thing about tag at this age is that the kids don’t really understand what they’re doing other than running around and they think it’s fun. I remember a time when I could just run around for the fun of it. It was as exciting as riding a bike or swimming at the beach. Then we become adults and at some point for most of us running for fun isn’t fun and we call it exercise.

Too bad, really. If we all had the energy of a three-year old, we could stay in great shape with little effort.


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