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Happy Birthday G!

In case the title of this post didn’t give it away, today was G’s birthday. Third birthday to be exact. Every year I tell him that his birthday is the best because it falls on the longest day of the year (I’ve read that depends on year and time zone, but it’s close enough).

It’s been a long three years. Parents usually complain that their children grow up too fast, but G’s birth seems like it was a really long time ago for me. I see that as a good thing because while the toddler years suck for a lot of reasons, the longer I linger in these youthful years with my kids, the better.

This year was certainly the most low key birthday for G, but maybe it was still the most fun. His first birthday was spent in Hawaii, and his second birthday was a big one at the kids’ gym. He was grumpy almost the entire time we were in Hawaii due to the time difference, and the party for his second birthday was a month and a half before his actual birthday so my parents, who happened to be in town, could celebrate with him.

This year, we spent the morning at the pool and went to Chuck E Cheese in the evening with our neighbors. I only assume this year’s was the best because he had a big smile on his face most of the day, which is the most important thing to me. It’s not every year you can enjoy your birthday. The older you get, the less fun they become.

In honor of G’s special day, I thought I’d put up some of my favorites and start a poll again for the best one.

Gator to the face!

It’s like they’re twins.

Ok, it wasn’t her birthday, but messy faces are so much fun.

And here are a few oldies, just to throw into the mix:

Fatigued at his first birthday party.

This wasn’t his first birthday party, but while on the trip G swam with the dolphins and had to wear this life vest that squeezed his little head.

He doesn’t know it, but the kiss from the cute blond at his second birthday party was the best part of that day.


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