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Like Big Brother

This seems to be the theme this week. More and more C has been copying her big brother, or trying to at least. If he has something on his plate at meal times that she doesn’t, she gets upset. If he gets to go somewhere without her, she gets upset. Most recently, if he can do something that she can’t, she gets upset.

Today, for example, we took a trip to the park. Every time we go to the playground, the kids usually head straight for the swings. It’s their first and favorite activity at the playground. G recently started swinging on the big swings instead of the baby one that C sits in. Well, today C threw a fit because she wanted to swing in the big swing like her brother.

G is nearly twice C’s age and is therefore much more capable of certain physical activities. Plus, if you can’t tell from all the pictures I’ve posted on this blog, he’s a good head taller and somewhere between ten and fifteen pounds heavier. So despite the fact that C is pretty skilled physically for her age, there’s a large size and strength gap between her and her big brother. Nevertheless, I thought I would give it a try to help her realize that she may not be ready for the big swings.

To my surprise, she stayed in it without falling out and insisted on swinging for a good fifteen minutes, even when her brother was trying to leave her to go home.

I’m excited about things like this because if she can catch up to the types of activities her older brother can do, I no longer have to worry about one kid being left out.

Of course, there is a down side to this. She’s had her entire life to see her big brother perform tantrums. I may be biased because I think C is the sweetest girl in the world and if not for her brother’s poor example she would skip over all the tantrums and selfish attitudes that go along with the toddler years. But then again, I can recognize that probably wouldn’t be the case.


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