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C is a thumbsucker. I hoped she wouldn’t become one for the simple fact that I think the sound of a person sucking their thumb is one of the most awful sounds I’ve heard and it just grates on me. We tried pacifiers, but those get lost easily and thumbs are handy anytime.

I’ve been warned against thumbsuckers. Everyone I’ve met who’s against it seems to feel it’s the worst thing a kid could do. I had one parent shake his head and tell me how he sucked his thumb until the third grade, and despite his parents’ best efforts, nothing stopped him. His reason for stopping in third grade was inexplicable, but more than likely, he got teased by his classmates.

This leads me to believe that you can’t make a thumbsucker stop if they don’t want to. Thumb sucking provides a way to self soothe and it’s right there with 24/7 easy access.

It may take some sort of trauma, like getting teased by classmates, to make a kid stop sucking their thumb, I don’t really know. But given the tales I’ve heard of how difficult it is, I imagine that if a kid doesn’t stop sucking their thumb for their own reasons, they’ll keep it a secret and do it privately if need be.

Either way, I’ll just have to let C’s thumb sucking run its due course.


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