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It Figures

It figures that the last day of father son bonding before mommy came home would be a disaster. I’m too exhausted to explain in detail, but let me just say there was a lot of crying, yelling, whimpering, hard headedness (by both of us), and to top it all off, shoes soaked in urine. In short, I hated this day.

Besides my utter disdain for today, I’m looking forward to my wife and daughter’s return for a few reasons.

1.  When G screams, “I want mommy,” I won’t be the one wishing she was actually around more than him.

2.  C returns! The child who actually likes me is coming back! I just hope she still likes me after all that bonding time with mommy. G and I bonded for sure, and he likes me a lot more than he previously did, but my wife will be happy to hear that she is still number one in his heart.

3.  I won’t have to eat so many leftovers! Before my wife left, she did all the shopping that she would normally do so that we had enough food in the house. Problem was, we had too much! I think I only cooked three times and the other seven days we ate the leftovers.

4.  I’ll get a break every now and then from the constant calls for daddy (one of the few perks of being the less loved parent).

5.  I may actually get a good night’s sleep. I don’t know why, but I did not sleep well while they were gone.

In the stress of my day, I neglected to snap a photo, so I’m posting the following photo because it reminds me of happier times than today.

One comment on “It Figures

  1. n.navas
    June 8, 2012

    So sorry!

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