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All The Fun A Day Can Have, Still Isn’t Enough To Replace Mommy

Since G favors his mother and he won’t see her for a while, I’ve been tasked with keeping G entertained enough so he doesn’t think about her too much. One of G’s favorite places to go is Chuck E Cheese. Big surprise, what kid doesn’t like to go there. It has all his favorite things; racing games and monster trucks. He likes other stuff, but mostly just those two.


Today I took him there, and the entire time we were there, he didn’t mention mommy. Then we got home. First words out of his mouth when we walk through the door are, “Where’s mommy? Is mommy home yet?” So, after trying to explain for the fiftieth time that she wouldn’t be home for a while I managed to make it through dinner and bath time without much mention.

I handled the questions about mommy with the extra sad inflection in his voice pretty well today. Putting G down for bed finally got to me. My wife is going to be a little bit sad, and a little bit happy at the same time when she reads this.

G’s normal bedtime routine includes a lot of hugs and kisses from mommy and a lights out chat with his sister before they both fall asleep. Right when I am about to leave the room, he asks me where his sister is and I tell him yet again that she’s with mommy. I shut the door to his room and watch him on his baby monitor, and he’s trying to talk to his sister as if she’s there.

The saddest thing was when he asked her a question and when he didn’t get a response, said, “oh, you must be sleeping already.” Plus, I hear him mention how he wants to see mommy and he’s going to see her soon.

This is going to be a very long 10 days.



7 comments on “All The Fun A Day Can Have, Still Isn’t Enough To Replace Mommy

  1. kierrajanay
    May 30, 2012

    Awww the ending made me a little teary eyed, poor fella!

  2. A Nature Mom
    May 30, 2012

    Poor little guy! It’s so hard when the have absolutely no concept of time.

    • mrmomman
      May 30, 2012

      I know. I wish I could explain time to him so he would know not to hold his breath. I’m sure 10 days to a toddler seems like eternity.

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  4. CJ
    June 27, 2012

    Oh my, this made me cry. It’s soo tough to explain distance and time. Time away is good for him, but it does just break your heart.

    • mrmomman
      June 29, 2012

      Yeah, I don’t think he ever got close to grasping why she was away. It must have felt like an eternity for him.

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