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Last Day With Daddy

This is what happens when I give C a brush and let her style her own hair.

Since my wife and daughter are heading out of town tomorrow for a week, I have to say that I will miss them. Mostly because my son hates me, has never been away from his mother for more than a twelve hour period, EVER, and he’s probably not going to understand why it’s just me and him. C wouldn’t understand either, but she likes me.

I also have this thing, where I worry excessively about the safety of my family when I’m not with them. Like, if they go out on a rainy day to the store and I’m not with them, some horrible car accident will befall them and kill them all. Since two of my favorite ladies are boarding a plane tomorrow, I’m especially worried.

I’m also worried for my wife traveling with C. My son may love his mommy more than me without question, but C is a bit of a daddy’s girl. She may be the sweetest baby I know, but she turns into the Hulk, or Mr. Hyde when she’s hungry and/or tired. That leaves me just a little concerned for my poor wife who’s going to have to deal with that. I mean, the woman is prepared like a boy scout when it comes to traveling with a baby, but C can be vicious.

Any advice on dealing with such a situation is much appreciated.

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  1. n.navas
    May 29, 2012


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