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The End Of A Fun Day

When I woke up this morning, I wasn’t sure what we were going to do. Most of the morning was overcast, and it was uncomfortably humid. G wanted to play outside this morning, so I figured that was a good start. The humidity eventually got to me though, and we went to the pool.

I have to explain that G hates getting water on his face or head. Bath time is a nightmare because of it. Every single day I wash his hair and face, my hearing dies a little from the tortured screams coming out of G’s mouth. So, I figured a trip to the pool could possibly be disastrous, especially considering that last year he didn’t much care for it.

Thanks to some arm floats and my efforts to keep his head above water, I averted any blood curdling screams and we ended up staying at the pool for almost three hours. As our pool trip was spontaneous and unexpectedly long, I didn’t have my camera and missed out on some awesome photo opportunities of G trying to swim by himself, or attempting to shoot water at my face.

While the pool was fun, days spent in the heat and using up energy bring down the rest of the day once the fun ends. By the end of the day, there can be a lot of this:

For those family members who are probably upset at me for not capturing the swimming pics, I plan to post something the next time we swim, so go easy on me.


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