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A Day Of Firsts

Today was a day of firsts for our kids and our family. Every year there’s a local strawberry festival nearby and since our kids love fruit above all other foods, we thought it would be fun for them to go. Not only did they get to eat the load of strawberries, but G got a monster truck airbrushed on his arm and the kids watched their first live parade.

G particularly enjoyed these Nascar go-karts.

Later on in the day we attended a wedding, another first for the kids. We learned today that G loves to dance. I mean, we knew he liked to dance because we have dance parties at home all the time, but I figured he might get shy around strangers. Not the case. He tore up the dance floor like no one else. He even tried break dancing (and I’m still not quite sure where he was exposed to it).

Surprisingly, C was anti-dance today and spent much of the dance time holding up the wall while her brother got down by himself.

3 comments on “A Day Of Firsts

  1. A Nature Mom
    May 26, 2012

    Love the pics of your boy dancing!

    • mrmomman
      May 26, 2012

      Thanks, I thought it was pretty awesome.

  2. N. navas
    May 27, 2012

    Go G! Great dancing!

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