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Where Did My Friend Go?

Friends can be elusive when you’re two. If there’s no chemistry, there’s no friendship. Funny enough, all two toddlers really need to have chemistry, is an interest to do the same activity at the same time. That sounds simple, but it’s not. Toddlers usually want to do their own thing, and when they do share an interest, they usually don’t want to share.

There’s a boy in our neighborhood who seems to want to play with G almost every time they see each other. But G never wants to play on the playground with him. Despite having his own truck to drive, G is always more interested in the boy’s Cadillac Escalade Power Wheels. I’m not exactly sure why, because it can’t go nearly as fast as his truck and when I was a kid, speed trumped everything.

G and this boy did play on the playground for a little bit until G got mud on his feet and just decided to go home so he could clean them. When we came back, the boy was gone and G set out on an expedition to find him. I have to admit it was a little sad to see him driving around, looking for this boy and saying, “where’s my friend? I can’t find him. He’s missing.”

Is he over there?

Where did he go?

And we never did find him.


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