I haven't figured this out yet . . .

Week 21

Quite a few extra pictures this week, mostly of C because G was upset at me a lot this week and ran away a lot. One day he’ll appreciate me. I hope.

Mmm. Yummy bubbles.

I didn’t post about this, but G was giving C a tour of his school.

Look, I have this chair!

You know food is good if it ends up all over your face.

Where’s my money?

She’s practicing her intimidation look while standing next to doorways for her possible future career as a bouncer.

Let me in.

Seriously, will someone let me in?

Maybe I can push it open.

Books are a lot more interesting when you look at them upside down.


One comment on “Week 21

  1. n.navas
    May 21, 2012

    laughed out loud!

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