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Oh Yes, Yet Another Mother’s Day Post

Happy Mother’s Day to the many moms who read my blog, including the two greatest moms in my life; my mom and my wife. I’d like to say that I can’t put into words how much these two women mean to me, but that’s not true. It would just take a really long time to put them down on paper (funny how that phrase will probably soon become antiquated).

Mothers do so much and are such valuable members of the family, which is the reason we can only give you one day off a year. So to all the mothers out there reading this, I hope you had a break from the following things;

1. Waking up at the crack of dawn to a little one jumping up and down on you, interrupting that dream you were having of some sexy guy cleaning your house and preparing a gourmet meal.

2. Slaving away in the kitchen to prepare a nutritious meal for your family, only to be met with resistance and tantrums by the little mongrels you call your children.

3. The heavy burden of the collective weight of your children hanging on to your arms and legs, screaming for you to let them come with you to the most mundane and unnecessary places you happen to be going (i.e. the bathroom).

3B. The unforgiving fists, pounding on the bathroom door as you try to find a moment’s peace for two minutes.

4. The clamorous noise invading your ears as you try to tell your own mother how karma has rewarded her for your past bad behaviors.

5. All forms of whining, whimpering, crying and complaining.

6. Finally, and most importantly, may you have a break from your husband, who may be the biggest and most high maintenance child in your house, so that you can spend some time with the only person who is fully capable of appreciating you; yourself.

Ok, so a lot of these are the things I hope my wife had a break from today, because based on my experience, she suffers from the things on this list a lot. I may be playing the role of Mr. Mom, but there’s only one true mother in our household, and I could never do as good a job at anything as she could.

Capping off this Mother’s Day post, some pics of the little ones from the past three years that made my lovely wife the mommy she is today. (And because I have an inordinate amount of pictures today, I’ve included a gallery at the bottom).


2 comments on “Oh Yes, Yet Another Mother’s Day Post

  1. n.navas
    May 13, 2012

    haven’t seen some of these!

  2. Wife
    May 14, 2012

    I sure do love my babies! Thanks for the post honey, I had a wonderful day!

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