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Home Early

Today, for the first time ever, I received a call from G’s school to tell me he threw up in class and needed to be picked up. As I was driving there, I couldn’t help but feel a twinge of sadness and sympathy for my ill son. When I got to the school office where he was lying down cuddled up with a book and looking particularly sad, nurture mom mode kicked in and I just wanted to take him home and tuck him in.

G hasn’t really been sick since Valentine’s Day, and today was probably the sickest I’ve ever seen him. In the Valentine’s Day post, I claimed that the only nice thing about having a sick toddler was the fact that they don’t have the energy to fight you. I thought about this a little more today, and there are a few more small perks to having a sick child.

1.  As I’ve mentioned previously, they don’t have the energy to fight you, which makes manipulating them a whole lot easier.

2.  Your little one may turn into a cuddle monster. G, generally speaking, never wants to cuddle up with me. The only time he desires affection from dear old dad is his goodnight hug before bed and when he’s trying to apologize after getting in trouble. I’m an affectionate person myself, so cuddles with my kids are just about the best thing I could ask for from them. And when they’re sick, they just love to cuddle.

3.  I can feel ok about letting my kids sit in front of the boob tube.

We typically don’t let our children watch much t.v. Why waste away in front of a screen when you can be outside, reading a book, or doing any number of things that are far more productive? Sick children, however, don’t have the energy to do anything productive. I’d rather put on PBS and let my kids watch Sesame Street or Curious George (two of their favorites) than sit and stare at a wall. I would add that when my kids are sick, and watching t.v., it’s a lot easier to gauge how sick they are. When they can yawn and pass out just by sitting and watching, I know it’s more serious than a tummy ache. On the negative side of this, I have to then ween my kids off t.v. when they start to get better.

4.  More sleep time equals more me time. I mentioned this on the Valentine’s post as well, and it’s nice to have enough time to get things done and maybe rest. Parents need rest when kids are sick so our immune systems don’t give into our kids’ illness’.

I still prefer my kids to be healthy. I’m perfectly willing to sacrifice some much appreciated cuddling for an afternoon outdoors. I happened to pick G up while his class was having recess on a beautiful day and he said to me, “Daddy, I want to stay and play with my friends.” What am I supposed to say to that?


4 comments on “Home Early

  1. n.navas
    May 7, 2012

    get well quick G!

  2. memyselfandkids
    May 8, 2012

    It sounds like he is already on the road to recovery.

    • mrmomman
      May 8, 2012

      Yes, he’s a very restless spirit and hates being cooped up indoors. I think he’s ready to be healthy before his body is.

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