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Bird Watching

I have a strong feeling that C will get into bird watching when she gets older. She loves them. We went for a walk this morning after dropping G at school and she made me stop for about five minutes to stare at some ducks just chilling in the long grass. Shortly thereafter, we ran across a family of geese that fascinated her to no end.

I don’t particularly care for them because we have a lot of geese, ducks, and other aquatic birds who love to hang out in our neighborhood and leave their poop everywhere.

My wife hates birds for the same reason, but also for the fact that birds are out to get her. When she was eight, a duck bit her hand while she was feeding it. When she was eleven, a bird flew into her head and got tangled up in her hair. When we were newly weds, a peacock chased her around our picnic table at Waimea Falls and stole the lunch right out of her hands for good measure. She’s had an owl fly into a windshield of a car she was driving, and most recently, had a goose hiss at her. I swear it’s like she’s Tippi Hedren’s character from The Birds.

This creates an interesting dilemma for us because my wife is a walking, evil bird magnet, and C seems to think they’re the coolest animals in the world. Unfortunately this means that I will have to take the greater interest in any future bird watching that C may enjoy. No offense to bird watchers everywhere, but I can’t think of a more boring hobby than watching birds. Oh wait, there’s stamp collecting.

At least we’ll get to be outside enjoying nature together. That’s always a good thing. Thank goodness birds don’t attack me.


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