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Just For Kids

Continuing with yesterday’s theme of exclusion, G kicked me out of the kids’ reading nook today.

There I was, sitting, minding my own business, when the kids climbed up and G said to me, “get off daddy, this is for me and C.” It wasn’t as rude as that may sound, but I still felt like the poor rabbit from the Trix cereal commercials who just wants some cereal but the kids won’t let him have any. Greedy kids.

Ok, that’s unfair to only indict children because my wife will, on very rare occasions, buy Trix and tell me I can’t have any either because it’s for the kids. Whoever says commercials don’t have a powerful psychological hold over people is wrong.

I’m totally willing to let my kids exclude me, especially if it’s so they can bond together in some way.

Even if they bond by doing nothing at all.


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